Savings Accounts


Regular Savings

A regular Savings Account requires only a minimum balance of $25.  Interest is calculated daily and is paid into your account on a monthly basis.

Money Market Savings

Enjoy the higher yield of a certificate account with the liquidity of a savings account today!  It only takes a minimum of $1,000 to open a LaPorte Community Federal Credit Union Money Market Savings Account and Interest is calculated daily and dividends are paid monthly.  You can make 3 cash and 3 electronic withdrawals month.  A penalty of $10 for each additional withdrawal will be charged.

Club Accounts

A LaPorte Community FCU Club Account is a great way to organize the many Financial obligations we confront in life.  Save money for Christmas, Vacations, Education, etc. while earning interest on your deposits.  The interest in all of our Club Accounts is calculated daily and is paid monthly.

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