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LaPorte Community FCU offers its members FREE (No Monthly Service Charge) Checking.  Members can choose from a wide array of check styles and the cost for checks varies according to your selection.  Using duplicate checks lessens the chance of failing to record any entries in your check registry.  A monthly statement is sent or e-mailed to you for your records.

Our senior members (60 years of age or older) receive 1 Free box per year.  College students receive 1 Free box of checks per year.

Overdraft Courtesy Pay

Credit union members 18 years of age or older, who qualify for a checking account, will automatically be enrolled in our Overdraft Courtesy Pay Program. Enjoy the benefit of knowing that the credit union will cover those unexpected
“short on funds” occurrences.

This program is not a loan.  It is a simple way to avoid the embarrassment and high fees from writing a check with non-sufficient funds.  You will be charged a nominal $30 fee for each item covered by the Courtesy Pay, but you will avoid the large returned check fees charged by other companies.

Each time the Courtesy Pay is used, a letter will indicate the overdraft amount and the fee charged.  If the account has not been brought to a positive balance within a designated time frame, the program will no longer be available.

Overdraft Protection Loan For Your Checking Account

You may want to apply for the added safeguard of an Overdraft Protection Loan. This loan “add-on”, deposits funds into your checking account in case emergency monies are needed.

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