Board & Staff


LaPorte Community Federal Credit Union utilizes the help of members that volunteer to serve on the Board Of Directors and the Supervisory Committee.

The Board of Directors meet once of month to discuss issues, policies and new services that will be or have occurred at the credit union.  The Board of Directors currently get elected at the Annual Meeting which is held in the spring of the year and each credit union member has the right to vote.  The elected director serves a two year term before he or she comes up for election again.

The Supervisory Committee is an appointed position.  The members of the voluntary committee meet once a month to make sure all loans are in order and are supervised by a licensed CPA.

Al Smith President
Barb Cable Secretary
John Pappas Director
Beth Parker Director
Deborah Whitacre Director
Jacquelyn Masterson Director
Kevin Kaiser Director
Doug Jesch  Supervisory Chairman
Sandy Nixon Committee Member
Jan Schultz Committee Member
Billie Pappas Committee Member
Robbie Masterson Chief Executive Officer Ext. 225
Karol Johns Chief Financial Officer Ext. 227
Karyn Campos Operations Manager Ext. 232
Kandi Tague Branch Manager Ext 521
Hannah Weiler Branch Manager
Diane Childress Loan Officer Ext. 223
Cassandra Leffler Loan Officer Ext. 224
Elizabeth Hindle Member Solutions Ext. 235
Jarrod Allen Member Service Representative/Marketing Director Ext. 221
Karyssa Wagner Member Service Representative/Teller Supervisor Ext. 522
Rachel Tupiak Member Service Representative Ext. 222
Gail Cummings Member Service Representative
Tiffany Ransbottom Member Service Operator Ext. 220
Samantha Vermette Teller Supervisor
Nicole Gerald Teller
Kellie Demchak Teller
Taylor Watts Teller
Kristin Nunez Teller
Shelbi Thomas Teller
Hailey Smith Teller
Debbie Wiltfong Teller
Carrie Dewitt Teller
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This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.
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